Energy conservation and environmental protection

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The Internet cloud services

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Industrial pollution control

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The social responsibility

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    Water pollution prevention law amendment bill considered severely punish acts of

    Water pollution preventio...

    Amendments to the draft to increase the intensity of punishment, Seventy-eighth, the eighty-first paragraph, the first paragraph of the eighty-fifth and the eighty-seventh ..
  • 2017-01-062016 water pollution con...

    In March 2016, the establishment of water environment management department is one of the measures to improve the quality of water environment, ..
  • 2017-01-06Li Qiang Nanjing environ...

    Lu Yiren said that at present, the team cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences completed and developed high efficient composite molecular sieve catalyst,..
  • 2017-01-06Air pollution control by...

    "In the course of study, I have always felt that the common development and the development of modern science and technology cannot do without multidisciplinary ..

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  江苏七天环保科技有限公司,是一家专业从事VOCs废气治理的环保公司,公司坐落于交通便利、素有“鱼米之乡”长江三角洲张家港市。公司先期注册资金1000万元,占地面积20000平方米,集科研、生产、销售于一体。 公司坚持“人文环保,智慧环保”科学环保理念,秉持“合作、和谐、仁爱、碧水蓝天”企业精神。凭借雄厚的技术力量、精湛的工艺装备、丰富的生产实践,以及多年来... MORE+

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  江苏七天环保科技有限公司,是一家专业从事VOCs废气治理的环保公司,公司坐落于交通便利、素有“鱼米之乡”长江三角洲张家港市。公司先期注册资金1000万元,占地面积20000平方米,集科研、生产、销售于一体。 公司坚持“人文环保,智慧环保”科学环保理念,秉持“合作、和谐、仁爱、碧水蓝天”企业精神。凭借雄厚的技术力量、精湛的工艺装备、丰富的生产实践,以及多年来...