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Air pollution control by environmental function material technology

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"In the course of study, I have always felt that the common development and the development of modern science and technology cannot do without multidisciplinary collaborative development, especially the environmental problem as a multidisciplinary integration system, especially." Lu Yiren introduced in the undergraduate professional chemical learning period, he began to understand the basic methods of pollution sources and pollution control, "preliminary think in close contact with the chemical and environmental protection, therefore decided to engage in research and exploration of environmental science.
During the visit to the United States, I was deeply attracted by the development of modern materials science and technology, but also to see the future direction of the development of environmental functional materials." Lu Yiren said that the contemporary society with the development of social economy, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Especially in the "Beijing Tianjin repeatedly haze volt Hebei, the urgent need to" air pollution control multi pronged ". He therefore chose to pollution control and environmental function materials, environmental restoration as the emphases of the research, the environmental pollution is closely related to our life, for the application of pollution control of nano materials and the research interest is the power I insist for a long time".
In recent years, some successful Yiren Lu made in environmental function materials, it is put into practice, contribute to the improvement of the environment. He had assumed a key research and development plan in Tianjin, integrated engine exhaust treatment system integration and application, has achieved good social benefits.
China's industrial pollution is becoming more and more serious, and even the emergence of chemical smog. How to effectively improve the level of vehicle pollution control, to resolve the contradiction between environmental impact and development is the problem to be solved, and has a strong economic and social benefits." Lu Yiren said, "they synthesized a large surface area of composite molecular sieve, can be used for low temperature treatment in diesel exhaust, improve the efficiency of purification and preparation device can achieve integrated and automatic control, can reduce fuel consumption. In addition, they have also developed different products for different climatic conditions, provide good performance products to meet emission standards for diesel SCR catalytic converter for some domestic and foreign oems.
Lu Yiren said that at present, the team cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences completed and developed high efficient composite molecular sieve catalyst, catalyst required for low temperature and high efficiency, has reached and exceeded the performance of some similar products at home and abroad. He felt that this technology can provide an important basis for the practice of China's motor vehicle exhaust control and related industry technology promotion.
In addition to the "methanol diesel dual fuel technology" project, the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine research is also aimed at. The core technology of this project is based on keeping the original car engine control system on the increase of methanol and diesel control system, which can run on diesel fuel and methanol diesel dual fuel two modes, keep the same power with pure diesel and achieve a higher quality of discharge.
In May 2016, the project team in the pagoda technology company methanol - diesel dual fuel vehicle technology "project transformation test. Continuous driving test shows that the application of methanol diesel dual fuel technology is good.
Lu Yiren said that the use of this technology can realize the replacement of diesel methanol than the average high of more than 30%, saving fuel costs more than 10%, help to improve combustion efficiency and reduce the heat load, and can greatly reduce the exhaust pollution.