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  • Filter cartridge dust collector
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Filter cartridge dust collector

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The product description


Working principle:
   AR-CH type flow filter cartridge dust remover is the company's most advanced cartridge filter technology, combined with the actual situation of the development of a new generation of products. The dust collector can be widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, casting, nonferrous metals, tobacco, light industry, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries of industrial dust control.
Product features:
1 according to the characteristics of the dust filter using different materials, the use of imported or domestic assembly to solve the problem of dust control;
2 with the unique design principle of the flow, the building block type structure, can be composed of the required air volume, suitable for a variety of operating conditions;
3 using a large volume of air filter, greatly reducing the size and size of the dust collector;
4 low running resistance, low energy consumption and operating costs;
5 the maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge is more convenient, faster, safer, and greatly reduces the downtime;
6 the use of advanced automatic compressed air pulse cleaning method, so that the longer life of the cartridge, and ensure that the dust collector continued low resistance operation.
Filtration principle:
   Dust containing gas from air into the hopper, after, some large dust particles in gas by inertial force is isolated, directly into the bottom of the ash bucket. Bag filter dust containing gas through the hopper into the box to the gas passes through the filter bag dust is blocked in the bag at the surface of the purified gas filter bag into the box, and then by the window.
Ash cleaning principle:
   With the time prolonged, dust bag filter layer on accumulation of thick dust removal equipment resistance rising, when the resistance of the equipment rises to the set value, ash began to attune ash, first of all, a sub chamber is closed poppet valve, air filter will be truncated, and then the electromagnetic pulse flushing valve open, compressed air to a short time in the case on the rapid expansion of the influx of bag, the bag expansion deformation and vibration, in reverse flow under the action of attachment in the bag for the appearance of the first chamber, Cong cleaning to the next cleaning start for a cleaning cycle.
Dust collection:
   The dust filtration and cleaning work are trapped down into ash hopper, again by the ash hopper discharge port.

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