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What is environmental protection?

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Environmental protection is the use of modern technology environmental science theories and methods, and take administrative, legal, economic, science and technology and other measures, rational exploitation and utilization of natural resources, the prevention and control of environmental pollution and destruction, the comprehensive regulation of the environment, protect human health and promoting sustainable development of social economy and environment. This concept makes clear the guiding theory, purpose, content and measures to be taken in environmental protection. This requires people in the rational use of natural resources and at the same time, in-depth understanding and grasp of environmental pollution and ecological damage causes and hazards, there are plans to protect the environment, prevent the deterioration of environmental quality control, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, protect human health, maintain ecological balance, ensure the sustainable development of human society.
What is the environmental protection law?
Environmental protection law, also known as environmental law in broad sense, is a general term for regulating the social relations arising from the development, utilization, protection and improvement of the human environment. Its purpose is to coordinate the relationship between human beings and the environment, protect human health and ensure the sustainable development of society and economy. The main contents include two aspects: one is about the rational exploitation and utilization of natural environmental factors, to prevent the destruction of the environment law, one is on the prevention of environmental pollution and other legal norms, improve the environment. It also includes the legal norms to prevent natural disasters and mitigate the adverse effects of natural disasters on the environment. In addition to the general characteristics of the law, environmental protection law also has the characteristics of comprehensive, scientific and technological, public welfare, the world's common, regional particularity. Environmental protection laws and regulations, can be traced back to three thousand or four thousand years ago, the ancient countries, but as an independent legal department of modern environmental law appeared in the world in twentieth Century, in the year of 60s and 70s.
The environmental protection law of our country has developed rapidly since 70s. At present, it has formed the constitution norm of environmental protection. The basic law of environmental protection, environmental protection law and environmental protection laws and regulations constitute an independent legal department in the whole legal system of china. The scope of law of our country to protect the environment including environmental pollution prevention and control law, such as the water pollution prevention law, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, noise pollution prevention law; natural environment protection law, such as the forest of water, wild animal protection law, law of soil and water conservation; cultural environmental protection method, such as the protection of scenic spots regulations, nature reserve regulations; environmental management, supervision, monitoring and guarantee of law enforcement regulations, such as the measures for the administration of environmental protection regulations, environmental monitoring and management of construction projects. Interim Measures for environmental pollution and damage accidents. Administrative measures for environmental protection.
In addition to a variety of environmental standards, including environmental basic standards and methods, environmental quality standards and pollutant discharge standards. With the development of environmental protection and the strengthening of environmental legal system, the content of environmental protection law in our country will be enriched and perfected.