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Natural ecological environment protection

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Natural ecological environment has been forced on the sand and dust on the agenda, but the human ecological environment (hereinafter referred to as humane environmental protection) urgency, has not yet been taken seriously. The motherland is the human ecological environment destruction and natural erosion, both old and new cultural varieties in the human ecological environment, how in the localization and translocation or normal development, or emerge of itself and perish of itself, are changing.
A summary of the history and culture
"Humanity into the world" ("Zhouyi") is a Chinese cultural history of "humanism" concept -- "the earliest record of culture connotation and educational function of social civilization.
The national history, a generation of people have created their own cultural environment, and cultural environment has created a generation and nurturing the humanistic quality of the people, they have become a national rise above the common herd of Representatives, and these figures will become the National Qualification based on the nations of the world security and identification. Our early assertion that none of these security and national identity can only be "biota"!
The human environment is composed of two types of "hard" and "soft" cultural carriers and the organic connection between the two. "Hard" is all forms of architecture, such as city, house, bridge, road, board, altar, tomb, tomb, etc. and their overall layout. The text also includes recording material, such as paper, Jane, silk books and rubbings, cliff inscription, stele, inscription, hold column couplets etc.. Also includes all the ancestors of gold, stone, wood, bone, teeth, paint, ceramics, textiles and other products. "Soft" is all "personal carrier" in the form of the cultural achievements of our ancestors passed down, such as singing folk art, drama, music, dance, folk songs, jokes, myths and legends, the arts and oral teaching that inspires true understanding within the customs and rituals etc.. This "hard" and "soft" two types of human carriers of the natural formation of the organic connection, in particular, "soft" almost invisible, the most easily overlooked, but it is the most important component of the meaning of the human environment.
In the process of continuous creation of the human environment, the old and new coexist. Because the "new" is in the development of its vitality, "old" is in keeping its vitality, leaving no real development to keep. Lu Xun said, the essence of life is to maintain their own survival, second are from the class of continuing propagation. Also with the humanities and environmental science.
Seeking truth from facts, "old" in the history of humanity is the accumulation is the crystallization, rather than "damn old" synonym. Should not be forced to "old" moment under the concept of "simplicity, not by the individual One divides into two." division of authority figures assume the "essence" and "dross", and "to keep crude refined crude". This caused irreparable consequences to mankind forever regret Shi Jian not far, can be found everywhere. People basically forget what Engels said, to find a kind of use value of things, is a "historical role". For example, he said it had found iron, began manufacturing cutting tools use value, and later found that it was to create the value of magnetic compass. With the truth and what is the history of civilization, has repeatedly proved that: all human achievement -- the ancestors of the old people is not easy to be always on and off in expected time and place opportunities with new civilization and civilized values with lining. Therefore, the "old" in the "new"". Tang Zhipan Ming said: "Gou Rixin, yourixin, the new" is the eternal law. The sun is new, the sun is new and the sun is new
There is also the truth of the "new" in the "old"". The sage said, great achievement because of "standing on the shoulders of giants". As the saying goes "Dengfeng I mountain seven feet". "New old" negative view in the modern tend to think "and new" things, once put into the world cultural coordinates, will immediately find that they were checking people recognized discards stale food, or I hate the not ugly chaos of the group have an ulterior motive to coax you hook bait. I have said many times: "do bait worm is more vitality and spirit, the more you can recruit fish; fish in the 'vitality' moment, will die!"
The real "new", we can not repeat both forms at all times and in all countries, and it can not take more two pass the bottom line: it is a "old" and achieve "harmony but not Sameness" coordination. Two is it rational understanding in the high level of knowledge, most people's eyes, in the eyes of normal people in mind at least not ill, or fortunately can get emotional.
Therefore, the "old" should be carefully protected, the "new" should be carefully built. Not to "Pojiulixin; Li also lured opposition breaking the" barbaric "Cultural Revolution" concept to provoke wanton "new" and "old" not only, and should be replaced by "not to hurt the old and new, old and establish the new" principle.
In the "new series" of the human mind, you like any building in the middle of the the Great Wall flames, forward looking after the towering walls of attention: winds from the sky, can not see its tail; ran to cloud dragon, the first general mo! Again on the Yangtze River midstream ship: look from sky Biye endless river and endless hills upon hills to the Bohai Sea Taotao, the ocean, and not far from the sky Miaomiao crossflow! Overview of global history, humanities, and non Chinese who can be the same?
Two, humanities scholars
The saying goes "one side of the water" and "green mountains and rivers cloud wets, dangerous mountain water out." The life of the people, all of the three education: small family and friends in the environment, the school environment, the big social and cultural environment. Therefore, to improve the human quality of the citizens, the improvement of these three environments and their complementary links are indispensable. This is not consciously loss and the lack of the humanistic quality of citizens by only low; by consciously improve citizen's humanities quality will be increasingly high on.
The ancient capital of Beijing, is the gathering of talents all over the country. A kind of local opera once more than a hundred years in Beijing, and become a national opera. This is from the "Beijing huiban" to the development of Peking Opera Peking Opera in history. The poor family is from Lao She, this abundant humanistic village, only the achievements of "the Beijing style writer" status, in the forest of world literature. Mr. Qi Baishi of Xiangtan Beijing thirty years, has become a master of traditional Chinese painting. Yixing Mr. Xu Beihong young into JINGWAH, every open platform, and then into the bole, lay the master modern art education of the giant Acer China! From Hebei Hejian county "big drum book" at the beginning of Beijing had "a drum" too, at Mr. Liu Baoquan and his contemporaries to cultivate "become famous on both sides of the Changjiang River Jingyuntaigu, enthroned quyi" save "from the music. Mr. Liu is also the drum world king, the reputation of the impact of Yang Xiaolou, Wang Yaoqing, and the generation of Li park to reduce the famous master of the three generation. Such cases, really be too numerous to enumerate! For if only to illustrate this, a good cultural environment to raise a variety of superb art full of humanistic connotation, as well as their carrier - "literati" (the "literati" refers to the traditional sense of "Scholar", "Scholar", which is the generalized "cultural art carrier".)
President Mao Zedong was very aware of this truth, he said, "we have the ability to recover what has been lost, self-reliance in the world"! I think it was "old" is proved by history for outstanding achievements both humanities and humanistic environment. How, if not these, why do you have a tiny bit of land in the National Forest of the world?
Sadly, in modern China, since the "Taiping", invasion, civil war everywhere, land reform movement, the "great leap forward", especially the "unprecedented catastrophe of the cultural revolution of the human environment the ignorance of violent man-made destruction, let nature die numbness heartless, has made six thousand years of experience in the world the greatest and most abundant Chinese cultural environment has been destroyed more than half of the early! Father Li Kuchan wrote in 1939: "Six Dynasties calligraphy scroll and the Tang Dynasty art, if carved murals, Zhuo Honghuang Li, has shocked the world. "Innovation" has destroyed completely! Deep indignation is! (Republic of China) 28 years and then write the old beijing." As for him during the "land reform", in the "Cultural Revolution" of cultural relics damaged bemoan the words, I could not bear to be quoted!
But alas, in the humanities environment destruction years was born and raised in the crowd, if there is no conscious self correction cultural requirements and complement, remedy and the corresponding special encounter small environment, certainly the humanistic quality is not high or low to zero. All sorts of social energy and their money, power and bored mentality produced, will continue to destroy even intentionally destroy the remnants of the elaborate Chinese humanistic environment. Scholars have created the human environment; on the contrary, the negative cultural environment created by the negative writers will continue to clone the "human group" with negative humanistic quality. As a civilized nation of etiquette the Chinese nation of the helmet, unknown shall be aware of, don't know what Sima Guang taught: "Woe to solid hidden in the hair on the quiet, people are also!"
The history of mortal curse of chaos, all in his humanity theory, the humanity does not observe man-made will be sooner or later. I hope this is cited as a national "mirror".
Three, the humanities is the soul of the software"
The purpose is to protect the human environment to cultivate national cultural talents; talents can develop the national "hardware" of the powerful productivity, can Fuguojiangbing, the inviolability of the powers of the human talent is brutal; can influence even determine the country's social "software" -- to gather in the nation and even the whole society members of the heart, solid the spiritual pillar of citizens, maintain spiritual power endless stamina. The humanistic talents can foresee the problems of the near, medium and long term, and provide more complete and feasible countermeasures. Mental strength show grasp of national development initiative so far ahead and the international activities of the initiative, will set up the prestige and reputation of the good in the world, naturally formed "psychological supremacy". Then further the "mutual benefit and harmony" good humanistic ideas, constantly self at the same time, dedicated to the world. At the appointed time will prove that the United States "humane authority" by Professor Huntington predicted that "the future world will be a world of conflict of Civilizations" into the western humanism obviously biased, instead it is the "foreseeable future will be one of the nationalities and national culture, with their unique strengths in preserving and merge with each other the world." Confucius said, "the gentleman villain with and without harmony but not sameness," "the gentleman villain than and not cooperate to do good deeds," this kind of old ideas will be in the "culture conflict theory"
Four, respect for human resources and their views of the minority"
Investigation of the history of humanity, is a rare talent, they in the proportion of the population is always very few, like Kun Guan, Yan Ying, Chun Yu, Qu Yuan, Jia Yi, Guo Fengxiao, Zhu Geliang, Wei Zheng, Pang De Gong, Liu Bowen such talents each in each generation can have a few people? Confucius said, "a person of rare talent, not so? You see Tang Yao Yu Shun is very prosperous, because there are ten people do courtiers: a woman and nine men." Confucius also put women in front of the men of talent
In the history, the opinion of "minority", especially "individual", is easy to be ignored. However, the revolutionary tutor has indicated to the world, "the truth is often in the hands of a few." Because of the talent of the humanities have a keen insight into the community, so there is often ahead of the foreseeable. However, due to "personal on" total population "minority", and even lack of understanding is too, ranging from heavy taunt, demanding perfection, was harsh blow, ordered to "check". Even if his views are part of the adoption, but also a rare rich timely "economic returns", "return" slightly too easy to lead to jealousy and slander exclusion. I often say "philosophy of high as joking Hubian novels writing valuable", Lao Tzu life only "five thousand words" "moral", also suspected the quotation is unfit to sell the life! So it is always the humanistic intellectuals (such as in the "sideline" words such as "Anpinyuedao") had "nothing is perfect, but worthy of my heart" and "tomorrow in" the accident was a commonplace talk of an old scholar, petrified!
Mr Liang Sicheng opposed the demolition of the ancient city wall of Beijing in 1951, and his wife said to mayor Peng Zhen in: "if you tear down the real estate (in the future), you will spend money on fake antiques". But this was "disappointed" that is not true but in forty or fifty years after the Beijing and all over the country!
Mr Ma Yinchu, who advocated family planning and population control, was hit hard. The results of his "great loser" ushered in the late "odds". The price is that our country has a population of one billion and three hundred million overweight burden.
The Chinese people know the pain, one does not have to reluctantly give up! What we need is as a warning for the future, Wang Xizhi said: "after the Shanxi as this is still seen today in". Han Jia Yi said: "The past is the prologue. also". Today, China is now facing the prospect of unprecedented prosperity of the "fifteen plan" show, but also need to respect the "mass production" of human resources. In respect of the implementation, that is to protect them and study their suggestions. For the Chinese intellectuals with the world rare loyalty to the motherland and the nature of intellectuals in the utter innocence, especially for men! How can they neglect!
Five, ancient cultural relics protection is to protect the human ecological environment
For the money, for foreigners to see play left away foreign exchange, "good impression", in order to attract domestic tourists, tickets to earn money, superiors check "spiritual civilization", will be isolated to protect some Wenwan antique formalism and the protection of the blind places of historic interest and scenic beauty, but often leads to not consciously destroy the original humanistic environment. To repair the old into the new monuments, let the ancient and new square box houses together. The Confucius temple and sluiced away bubble soup, faded paint...... For thousands of years as a new nose stone cement, build a high-rise in the former residence of Qi Baishi's former residence is a few neighbors, raise the potential, it is really annoying, stupid vulgar!
In view of this, the protection of cultural relics and historic sites must be made by the competent person in charge of human knowledge, to carry out the overall, conscious, scientific and humane environmental protection". On the "hard carrier of human culture" so the protection of the "Humanistic soft carrier" should also focus on the relevant opinions of the humanities intellectuals "original soup" to protect the collation of records. Not artificially contaminated with national characteristics and local characteristics of the civilization fountain, don't fancy to add no time tested in natural mineral water "new synthetic nutrients", I often say, Tan sent Laosheng is Tan sent Laosheng, not in the big four addition of symphonic music accompaniment, not so don't let accompaniment, Tan sent Laosheng, don't call Peking opera or opera, can only be called "imitation Opera Symphony", "logic as foreign words and marmalade Black Tea, absolutely not with tiger spring tea Longjing green tea mentioned in the same breath. Why Italy are not masters of the bel canto dulcimer, erhu, guzheng accompaniment to Sirleaf PA, innovation! It seems that Italy culture has not yet entered the blind innovation ward. Lu Xun said an upstart to arty, purchased a bronze, and hired a coppersmith spent a day to put it to rust polished Kung fu. Since then not have the folk artists, folk poets please town "learning and improvement" of the "benevolence"? Such "edition of jokes", really do not want to sacrifice repeatedly national human environment to increase the sad joke!
A nation from wilderness to civilization after many years, from the degradation of civilization but it won't be much time to the wild. It is like a million years of grassland in the artificial "development" in twenty years, no need for Desertification in the past ten years. Mongolian writer Mara Sinv discussed in our CPPCC meeting said excitedly: "when I was young, not riding the horse, the prairie grass tall, thick, are now exposed to the hoof!" I said: "more than one thousand years ago, the grass is higher, higher than the cattle, or else how can there be 'wind blowing grass see cattle and sheep' verse?"
It is the crystallization of good good natural environment and good humanistic environment. The destruction of the two environment, not only it can not come out, the achievements of civilization more valuable and can not come out, even the human is also known as the bottom line of human civilization will also collapse!