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"Protect the environment, start from me"

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The earth is by far the only known in the universe can carry the human life of the planet. Man has lived on the ball for millions of years. In this long period of time, human beings rely on the earth's resources (air, water, sunlight) to survive, reproduce and develop, so the earth is the mother of mankind.
In the long development of human beings, whether it is the performance of natural or economic development, have created a brilliant performance. But at the same time, due to unreasonable exploitation and utilization of natural resources, environmental protection is not paid attention to. Now 6 million hectares of land in the world every year into a desert, the disappearance of the 20 million hectares of forest, an average of one hour in the extinction of species. Due to the destruction of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect intensifies, the right to use the earth's temperature rising, the Antarctic ice cap began to melt, the sea level will continue to rise, many coastal city, island and land, will be swallowed up by the sea. This series of environmental problems, not only affect the economic development and social progress, and even threaten the survival of mankind, so take care of the environment, has become a common concern of all mankind.
The lesson that human beings do not protect the environment. In ancient times, the economy is relatively developed in Mesopotamia, Greece, Asia Minor, due to unreasonable reclamation and irrigation, and later became gally. The Yellow River basin is the cradle of ancient civilization China, due to deforestation, severe water loss caused by frequent floods and droughts, increasingly barren land. Protect the environment awareness is not only now, in ancient China there is "not to fish to protect the natural environment, do not seek short-term interests" simple ideas. Today, we should protect the environment not only to protect the environment from pollution, but also to inherit the ancient ideas of environmental protection, rational use of resources to ensure the sustainable use of resources. We should know that the key to solve environmental problems is to protect the environment, and the protection of the environment is to protect ourselves.
In order to better protect the environment, many countries are widely publicized environmental protection ideas, the development of environmental protection laws and regulations. China promulgated the "People's Republic of China environmental protection law (Trial)" in September 1979, by the end of 1983 and held the second national environmental protection conference will protect the environment for the establishment of a basic policy of our country. December 26, 1989 formally promulgated the "People's Republic of China environmental protection law"