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What is environmental protection

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What is environmental protection? Environmental protection is one of our small movements, is buried in the sediment of a hope. We should cherish this hope, so we should start from the little things, so that our planet cleaner, environmental protection, health.
There are many beautiful things around us, and those who do these things are worth learning and imitating. For example, in a sunny morning, I was in the stadium exercise, when I do sit ups, while walking in a green jacket, brown pants, the old man picked up what. He approached me to see him pick up a piece of paper and plastic bags, his arm wearing a red armband. It turned out that he was an environmental worker! I couldn't follow him. I found he was limping, legs like a sick, squat down is very difficult, but he still kept to adhere to. My heart suddenly sour, I think I'm a lot worse than the grandfather, really should learn from him. Environmental protection, is a far-reaching word, it includes both the environment we live in, but also the lives of our every move. In any case, we should protect the environment, because the protection of the environment, is to cherish our own.