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Why should companies install exhaust gas treatment equipment?

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There has always been a problem that plagues many manufacturing companies. Is it necessary for the company to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to purchase exhaust gas treatment equipment?
       With the development of society and economy, people's requirements for the environment have become higher and higher, which contradicts the development of industry, because to develop, we must develop industry, and we must develop the environment at the cost of the environment. In response to this phenomenon, the state strongly requires enterprises to treat exhaust gas and sewage, so that exhaust gas can only be discharged after purification standards are met. Therefore, exhaust gas treatment equipment on the market has come out.
       Organic waste gas is a serious hazard to human health, and people need to breathe air to maintain their lives. An adult breathes about 20,000 times a day and inhales 15 to 20 cubic meters of air. Therefore, polluted air has a direct impact on human health. The harmful effects of air pollutants on the human body are multi-faceted. The main manifestations are respiratory diseases and physiological dysfunctions, and irritation of mucous membrane tissues such as eyes and nose.
       Harm of organic waste gas to plants Air pollutants, especially sulfur dioxide and fluoride, are very serious to plants. When the concentration of pollutants is high, it can cause acute damage to plants, cause scars on the surface of plant leaves, or directly cause leaves to wither and fall off: When the concentration of pollutants is not high, it can cause chronic harm to plants and make plant leaves green. Or no harmful symptoms can be seen on the surface, but the physiological functions of the plant have been affected, resulting in a decline in plant yield and deterioration in quality.
       The organic waste gas treatment equipment has great environmental benefits. The organic waste gas in daily life passes the organic waste gas treatment equipment to meet the national regulations, which will reduce the harm to the minimum and release it into the atmosphere. Therefore, environmental protection requires the consciousness of the factory, and the consciousness of each of us.
       The process of industrial waste gas treatment equipment is generally: the foul gas is input to the purification equipment using exhaust equipment, and the waste gas treatment equipment uses a high-energy UV beam and ozone to synergistically decompose and oxidize the malodorous gas. This will cause the malodorous gas to be degraded and converted into low-molecular compounds, water, and carbon dioxide, and then discharged out through the exhaust pipe. The industrial waste gas treatment can completely achieve harmless emissions without secondary pollution, and at the same time, it can play a role of efficient disinfection.