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How to protect the environment

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1. Do not spit, litter, and urinate anywhere. Forests are the lungs of the earth. Trees should be planted instead of deforested.
       2. You can ride a shared bike or take a bus to minimize the use of private cars and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
       3. Save water. To cherish water resources, do not let the faucet run empty, shorten the shower time; install water-saving faucets; use water-saving toilets.
       4. Save electricity, use as few electrical appliances as possible, and turn off the lights. Close the refrigerator door at any time; use energy-saving lamps; buy efficient and low-energy appliances.
       5. Waste utilization, such as: sugar paper can be folded into lighting or curtains, old clothes can be made into mops and so on. Support and participation in waste paper,
Recycling of waste glass, waste plastic and scrap metal.
       6.Do not set off fireworks, do not use non-degradable plastic lunch boxes, do not enter the core area of ​​nature protection, refuse to use disposable items, recognize grassland crisis, understand desertification
       7, refusing to eat wild animals, do not wear clothing made of beast fur, reduce card to save trees, do not fish in rivers, lakes,
       8.Use cloth bags, less hair spray, do not throw cigarette butts, avoid tourism pollution, and take care of ancient and famous trees
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